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Antique Barn Beams

 Hand-Hewn Barn Beams
Antique Hand-Hewn Barn Beams are full of rustic character.
Antique hand-hewn beams are reminiscent of the pioneer days, when hard
working farmers constructed their barns completely by hand. 
Beams were cut from tree trunks and limbs, using an old-fashioned adz. 
The chop marks on these small to massive beams have a history all of their own. 
For a very rustic look, hand-hewn beams are the way to go!
Rough-Sawn Barn Beams
Antique Rough-Sawn Barn Beams are smoother and not quite as rustic as the hand-hewn beams.  These beams were ran through an old circular or band saw,
rather than hewn by hand.  For a beam that is not quite as rustic,
but still full of character, rough sawn is the way to go!
NOTE: 20% restocking fee on all returned or cancelled orders
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