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About Our Company

Meet Jim and Lanette Carlson, the owners of Carlson's 
Barnwood Company.
Lanette Carlson proudly
displays their 1800's farmhouse showroom that they have 
renovated using their
reclaimed materials.
The Carlson's grandchildren enjoyed helping their grandparents display their Antique Wide Plank flooring, in their 1800's farmhouse showroom, during this old- fashioned photo shoot.  
A few of the many truckloads of antique lumber that the Carlson's ship out to their customers from their on-site lumberyard.

Carlson's Barnwood Company is a family-owned company located in the heart of

America's farm country.  Realizing the rustic, warm, natural beauty of barnwood,

Jim and Lanette Carlson rescue old barn siding from century old barns before the

wrecking ball hits.  In addition to the wonderful aged wood, architectural pieces,

beams, and tin roofs are also salvaged.  Recycling these treasures

is the foundation of Carlson's Barnwood Company!

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