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Antique Tin

Antique Pressed Tin


Our Antique Pressed Tin has been salvaged from old  houses, schools,

and commercial buildings.  It can be used "as is," painted, or stained to

give it that look that you are trying to achieve!  It can be used for many

different projects, such as ceilings, wall coverings,  and backsplashes. 

Antique Corrugated Tin


This predominately wavy tin is salvaged from old barn roofs, and comes in

"rusty," and the  "not- so- rusty" look. There are three styles that are available in

various degrees of rustiness, including: 5V, large wavy, and small ridged. 













*Quantity and styles will vary depending on what we currently have in stock. 

Inventory changes daily. 

For more information on what we currently have available, please contact us today! 

NOTE: 20% restocking fee on all returned or cancelled orders
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